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The House and The Human
April 21, 2009, 9:25 pm
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Sixty-nine more days until Cornerstone Festival, and the race for the New Band Showcase is heating up.

The House and The Human, photo taken from his MySpace

The House and The Human, photo taken from his MySpace

The House and The Human, which consists of acoustic/folk musician David Jahns from Roselle, Ill., is hoping to earn enough votes to become a finalist.

Jahns’ songs are simplistic in the way that it’s just him and his guitar, but there is something very beautiful and endearing about his music and lyrics that tell stories of life and love.

I got to ask Jahns, from The House and The Human, a couple of questions, which are below.

What is different, or what are you trying to do differently, that sets you apart from other musicians?

Well, first off I don’t write my songs for the purpose of just being another catchy song. I write them because they mean something to me or they have a message that I would like to get across to my listeners. Second, I think my voice sets me apart from other bands and artists because I can’t really sing that well, and it’s not the typical high pitched, poppy, pretty voice like you hear from most artists.

What could being a New Band Showcase finalist at Cornerstone Festival possibly mean for you and your music?

It would just mean a lot of great exposure. If someone in the crowd could hear my songs and relate or be touched by them, that’s all I could really ask for.

Is there anything new with The House and The Human that people should know about?

I will be releasing a 6-song EP titled It began with a chorus… this summer. It will be available through iTunes and Amazon.