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The Chariot, Wars and Rumors of Wars Review

I have always had one word for The Chariot, chaos. Chaotic in sound and chaotic in performance, The Chariot has never strayed away from chaos, and this album is no different.

Their new album, Wars and Rumors of Wars, was released on May 5, on Solid State Records.

Though they are not one of my favorite bands, I have always had special place in my heart for this band that prides itself on being as unexpected as possible. Technically, the songs are better on this album. Each song is more distinguishable from the rest, and unlike their previous album Fiance, which seemed to fuse together into extreme noise and chaos after a few tracks, each track off Wars mixes different elements and better guitar parts to deliver a more solid record.

Favorite tracks off the new album are “Evolve,” “Never I” and “Giveth.” These track show that when The Chariot isn’t just trying to give their listeners seizures or beat them up musically they can make some pretty solid songs.

Below is “Never I.”  Check it out. Also, I posted the music video of “Evolve” in a previous post.