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Three Things You Need to Pack For Cornerstone
May 4, 2009, 10:56 pm
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I know it’s too early to start packing for this summer’s Cornerstone Festival, but its never too early to get excited. This will be the first of many posts about gearing up for Cornerstone. Many of the topics may be random, but the posts will be things I think are important to know.

Here are three things to pack. Please let me know your tips or things you think are important to take to the festival.

Me, bottom left, and some of my friends at the festival.

Me, bottom left, and some of my friends at the festival.

1) Hand sanitizer.

With a week of porta-potty use, I was very glad I packed a bottle last year.

2) Extra flip flops.

Comfy flip flops are a necessity for the hot Illinois summer, a ton of walking, the shower trailers and long days of standing (two-stepping, circle pitting, windmilling, picking up change or however else you enjoy the music). One of my pairs fell apart last year, and I was glad to have a back-up pair.

3) Money and self-control.

There is a ton of great band merchandise, organizations’ merchandise, handcrafted items such as jewelry and clothing, clothing designers’ items and much more to purchase, but if you don’t have self-control you can end up spending every bit of your money the first day.

It can be overwhelming, so my advice is to think about each purchase carefully and hold off until later in the week when you have seen everything. One problem with this is some things may sell out, so consider this as well when pondering over purchases. Though the money supports great bands, organizations, and individuals expressing their creativity, you also have to eat the rest of the week and get home.

There are 56 more days until the festival!


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I cant Freeking Wait!!!! Thanks for the tips!

Comment by jesse

cool tips!

unfortunately, i’ve never been to Cornerstone.

i sure hope i can be there sometime…and hopefully Blindside will be there too!

Comment by j.quiet

Go to the Imaginarium tent and Flikerings. You will not be dissapointed!


Comment by castleqwayr

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