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Fit For A King, being disciples that make disciples

I am sure anyone who reads this blog can tell I am crazy excited about this summer’s Cornerstone. Fit For A King, metal/hardcore band from Tyler, Texas, is competing in the festival’s New Band Showcase. If you haven’t listened to this band before, I suggest listening to the song “Towers of Babylon”, which can be found on their MySpace. It’s a heavy track with sick riffs that will quench any metal lover’s thirst.

Fit For a King, photo taken from their MySpace

Fit For a King, photo taken from their MySpace

I got to ask Mason Wilson, vocalist from the band, a couple questions, which are below.

What is different, or what are you guys trying to do differently, to set your band apart from other Christian metal/hardcore bands?

Well, we are just six dudes that love the Lord, and we want to share His message to others. We don’t really do anything to crazy, we just read our Bibles and pray constantly that we will be blessed with opportunities to share the Gospel with others. Our band motto/mission statement is to be disciples that make disciples.

If Fit For a King becomes one of the finalists for the new band showcase at Cornerstone, what do you think this could possibly mean for the band?

It would be the biggest blessing ever first off, but we would just hope to meet new friends and be able to share our testimonies with them, and possibly meet someone who will like our music as well.

Wilson from Fit For a King, photo taken from their MySpace

Wilson from Fit For a King, photo taken from their MySpace

Is there anything new with your band that people should know about at the moment?

We just got a new guitarist, Justin, and he is the coolest dude ever, as well as we are writing a new album that were stoked about.


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cant wait to see them at C stone!

Comment by jesse

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