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A bullet for pretty boy

With Cornerstone Festival approaching, A Bullet for Pretty Boy, hardcore band from Longview, Texas, is vying for votes from their fans to become finalists in the New Band Showcase, but winning the competition isn’t what the band’s hearts are set on. Bringing the love of Jesus to people through their music is where their hearts are set.

A Bullet for Pretty Boy, photo taken from their MySpace

A Bullet for Pretty Boy, photo taken from their MySpace

A Bullet for Pretty Boy caught by attention with the passion that can be felt in each song. By combining heavy breakdowns with softer moments of singing of God’s grace, the band packs a heavy punch.

I got to ask Joshua Modisette, keyboard player from the band, a couple of questions, which are below.

What is different, or what are you guys trying to do differently, to set your band apart from other Christian hardcore bands?

I don’t know that we’re trying to do anything different. All we’re trying to do is glorify God with everything we do, and hopefully reach out to people through our music. But if we were to do anything different I guess it’s just to love people more. That’s how God showed people who he was, through love. It’s one of the only ways to get through to people anymore, especially kids.

If A Bullet for Pretty Boy becomes one of the finalists for the new band showcase at Cornerstone, what do you think this could possibly mean for the band?

Well we’ll be going to Cornerstone! Haha. That’s really our main goal in this competition. We would love to play the showcase stage, and be involved in the competition; but going to Cornerstone is fine by itself too.

Is there anything new with the band that people should know about at the moment?

Right now we’re just focusing on writing some new music. We want a few new ones down before we leave for our tour in June, so we’ve been working diligently trying to get those done. We are recording our newest one April 25, so that’s really exciting.


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Wow Lydia Bullet For a pretty Boy!!!! Thats so cool!!! Im goung to vote for them right now!!lol

Comment by jesse

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