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The Reliques
April 8, 2009, 3:06 am
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I first listened to The Reliques, an acoustic folk duo from Austin, Texas, a couple of days ago when I found them listed as one of the bands competing for votes to become a Cornerstone Festival New Band Showcase finalist.

The Reliques

The Reliques, picture take from their MySpace

Their songs are beautiful yet raw with emotions about the joys and struggles of living life for Jesus. Their smooth, soulful voices draw you in, and their lyrics, while reflecting on God’s grace, tug at your heart. Their songs of praise had me singing along just after listening to them once. This is definitely a band to watch because they have the potential and the passion to be big.

I got to ask Sarah Dossey from The Reliques a couple of questions, and her answers are below.

Could you tell me what The Reliques’ mission as a band is?

Our mission as a band is to fully live for Christ. We want to share the word of God through our music in a way that is honest and vulnerable. Christian music doesn’t have to be about a particular sound or a band dynamic. We are all different people, and thus we have different life experiences. As a band, Sarah and I just want to be honest (for the good or the bad.)

The Reliques

The Reliques, picture take from their MySpace

If The Reliques become one of the finalists for the New Band Showcase at Cornerstone, what do you think this could possibly mean for the band?

If we were selected as a band to perform in the showcase, it would be huge. We started playing together in October of last year, and living in Austin, the farthest we’ve “toured” is Dallas!

It would be a big step for us, but so exciting as well. Sarah and I really love an adventure… and road trip games! Otherwise, it would be so fun to just hang out with other Jesus lovers who also happen to love music.

Is there anything new with your group that we should know about at the moment?

We just released our first EP, Peacock Wood. It’s a pretty great album, if I do say so myself. Our friend, Bryan Douglas Phillips, produced it and did an amazing job. Its got this great folk and gospel sound to it, which is a nice look at our music.

If anyone is interested, we’re on CD Baby and some day iTunes!


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