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Does it energize your faith?
March 25, 2009, 1:56 am
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I love to hear about the impact of music in people’s lives. In this post, I’ve asked Brendan MacBride, a fellow Christian rock follower, questions about music and how it inspires him.

I would love for anyone who reads this post to comment and answer these same questions. I want to hear what you think.

Why do you think Christian rock music has such a devoted following?

In my opinion, there are so many devoted followers of Christian rock because of the passion you won’t find in any other form of rock or hardcore music.

MacBride hopes he can inspire people with his music, just as music has inspired him.

MacBride hopes to inspire people with his music, just as music has inspired him.

Christian rock, and especially hardcore, seems to be shaping the secular music world. You can look at secular artists in hardcore music and see how they are almost imitating the Christian ones because they are looking for that passion.

Ask any fan (Christian or not) of hardcore music what their favorite bands are and usually their answer will include at least a few Christian hardcore bands.

I have been to a lot of different types of shows, both Christian and secular, and there is a special connection between the crowd, the artist and the faith that they share in the Lord.

What impact has this music had in your life?

I have always loved music and playing music. I was first introduced to Christian hardcore at small local show at a church when I was young. I had heard many Christian mainstream rock artists before, and never had much interest. Right away I had a strong connection with this music.

I started listening to a lot of Christian rock after that, which energized my faith and pushed me to want to get involved with the music scene so that I might inspire others just as the music had inspired me.

I have played in several Christian hardcore and pop bands. Also, I have helped put on shows at churches I’ve attended.

All of this has helped to strengthen my faith, and help me grow closer to the Lord and my church community.

Can you name 5 bands you are listening to a lot lately?

Once Nothing
For Today
Sleeping Giant

What album or albums releases are you most excited about?

There are so many bands’ records I cant wait to hear.

The Devil Wears Prada
The Chariot
August Burns Red
For Today
A Plea For Purging’s new album, “Depravity,” is awesome. It really caught me off guard with how deep the lyrics are.

What upcoming show or shows are you excited about and why?

There are many shows I can’t wait for. This weekend I am working at the IMPACT Conference where Skillet, an older Christian rock band, is playing.

Also, Kobra Klutch is having a lot of good hardcore shows soon, with bands such as Gwen Stacy, Mychildren Mybride and Oh Sleeper.

I am most excited for Cornerstone though because of the great atmosphere and the ability to have this massive festival but still retain the passion found in a small intimate church venue.


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Very good! I cant wait for cornerstone ether!

Comment by jesse

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