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Gilgal Clothing. passion, faith, music, wearable art. Part 2of3
March 11, 2009, 6:43 pm
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Gilgal Clothing is the creation of Josh Burgin that grew out of his passion for art and design, his faith and the Christian music scene.

This post is the second of three posts featuring an interview with Burgin. To read the first post, please scroll down the page or visit the Gilgal Clothing link in the upper left hand corner, where all three posts will be found.

In this post, Burgin discusses Gilgal and its presence in the Christian music scene.

What bands have you designed T-shirts for, and how did they find out about Gilgal?

Gwen Stacy is probably my favorite band I have worked with. I actually ended up designing and printing a limited Gilgal hearts Gwen Stacy T-shirt.

Gilgal Clothing hearts Gwen Stacy design
Gilgal Clothing hearts Gwen Stacy design

I met them at a hardcore show that I was selling at in Shawnee, Okla., and they liked my stuff. I got to know them over a couple different shows, and approached them about doing a shirt together based off of one of their songs, “I’ll splatter you like Jackson Pollock.”

They were really cool about it, but I definitely learned some do’s and don’t’s about designing for the music industry. Who would of thought fickleness transcends all the way down to merchandise!

Gwen Stacy drummer, T.J. Sego, wearing a Gilgal design
Gwen Stacy drummer, T.J. Sego, wearing a Gilgal design

What other festivals (or larger concerts/shows) have you sold your designs at besides Cornerstone?

We have sold at a lot of local Oklahoma City shows, mainly hardcore, and a few local shows in Annapolis, Md. As for festivals, we’ve sold at MoFest in Bowie, Md., and Rock the Light in Kansas City.

I met a lot of people who loved what we were doing, and I felt selling at shows overall was a big success. I am convinced I will do more festivals, but not until I am ready.

I took last summer off to graduate college, travel and begin to brainstorm the future of Gilgal. I am thinking my goal is to do a lot of festivals the summer of 2010, maybe even do a tour. These kind of things take a lot of planning and are a big investment, so I want to do them right.

What do you enjoy the most about Gilgal?

I think the most enjoyable part is when one of my pieces speaks to someone to the point they want to make it a part of who they are; they want to wear it. They identify with it, and in rare cases, I get to hear their personal story of why that design and theme rings true in their personal life. Those stories and relationships have made this journey completely worth it.

I also get a kick out of seeing someone wearing my shirt who I have never met. It just happened to me yesterday, and I can’t help but smile. I just want to go up to them and either hug them or act like I have never heard of Gilgal and see what they have to say about it.

Gilgal Clothing

Gilgal Clothing

Check back for the final post about Gilgal to read Burgin’s advice for beginner designers and to see a sneak peak of Gilgal’s new branding.


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