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Kicking it with Kobra Klutch
March 6, 2009, 3:53 am
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Andy Barbera from Kobra Klutch

Andy Barbera from Kobra Klutch

Ask any fan of Christian hardcore/metal music in the Baltimore and Annapolis area about the shows they go to, and I guarantee you that they have been to a handful of shows put on by Kobra Klutch. Not only do the people involved with Kobra Klutch promote and put on shows for local and touring Christian hardcore/metal bands, but also Christian bands from a variety of genres.

I was able to ask Andy Barbera, who helps out with Kobra Klutch, a couple of questions about it and Christian music in general.

Could you tell me how you got involved with Kobra Klutch?

I got involved with Kobra Klutch because of my love of the music Kobra Klutch promotes, as well as the youth in our community. Kobra Klutch stands for something positive and useful for not just the youth…why not help?

What exactly is Kobra Klutch, and what does it provide?

Kobra Klutch is a non-profit promoter for bands, and a place for young adults to come hear music they love or would like to hear. It provides a place where drugs, alcohol and fighting are prohibited. Kobra Klutch provides just a straight up, positive place to kick it.

Do you think the popularity of Christian music is growing?

I don’t have enough insight to be honest. I think where I feel it’s growing there are other aspects where it may be diminishing. The economy has had a large effect on shows and merchandise sales, but music is a big part of a lot of people’s lives. It will always be around, and people will always listen.

What future Kobra Klutch shows are you excited about?

I’m excited for all of them. We don’t book shows we’re not excited about.

What Christian bands are your favorites or what are you currently listening to?

I listen to a lot, and there’s way too much to list. I love anything from Facedown Records. If you haven’t heard much from them, you need to.


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