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Bradley Hathaway, A MOUTH FULL OF DUST
February 17, 2009, 1:56 am
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A Mouth Full of Dust, album cover

A Mouth Full of Dust, album cover

With the release of A Mouth Full of Dust, Bradley Hathaway continues his evolution from primarily spoken word poetry to poetry infused with folk rock, and fans will not be disappointed. With each listen I grow more and more intrigued with the lyrics, the various instruments and the pure raw emotions spilling out of each track.

A Mouth Full of Dust journeys through the struggles of life, love and spirituality. Hathaway packs each track with meaning that tugs at the heartstrings, daring you to dig deeper into the lyrics and reflect on your own life’s struggles. Hathaway is a storyteller, and with each track you become more entangled in a story bigger than the music.

The album begins with “Covered in the Blood,”a track raw with emotion about loss and forgiveness. The track, with its slow but powerful build-up, sets the framework for the unexpected ride of the rest of the album.

The track “Lord have mercy,” which is placed between two slower acoustic tracks, catches the listener off guard with its fast folk rock beat and a great sing-along chorus that starts out with,”Lord have mercy on me a sinner, the biggest sinner of them all.”

The album winds down with the last track “Don’t Wanna Miss,” an acoustic song depicting Jesus’ life and death, and a life of following Jesus. It is probably one of the most thought provoking tracks on the album that could possibly make you analyze your own faith.

A Mouth Full of Dust was released in January on iTunes, and the album with a 40-page booklet with photographs will be available via mail order in March.

Past albums include The Thing That Poets Write About, The Thing That Singers Sing About released in 2007, and All The Hits So Far But Don’t Expect Much, a primarily spoken word poetry album, released in 2004.

A Mouth Full of Dust became an instant favorite for me. I encourage everyone to check it out, and let me know what you think.


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