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Music is Medicine
February 9, 2009, 7:01 pm
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Here are some pictures I took at the show “Music is Medicine” on Saturday at Bay Area Community Church in Annapolis. The pictures are of indie band Farewell Flight.

Farewell Flight from Harrisburg, Pa., headlined the show. This was their second show with a new guitar player. Farewell Flight, who admits that its members are Christians but that their music is not, plans to record their next album in June.

Other bands that played that evening were indie band Kingsfoil from York Pa., and Christian alternative rock band One Such Love from Huntingtown, Md. Also, Christian acoustic artist Chelsea Gregoire from Annapolis preformed.


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Hey Lydia! This is awesome…I am excited to follow your blog and take on the scene. I have added it to the blog’s I read. Good stuff, keep up the good work.


Comment by Joshua Burgin

This is a really cool topic and you have a really simple, classic layout that works well for the content of your blog. I love that you take pictures at all of the events you go to; it gives you credibility and also provides your readers with a glimpse into this world you’re covering here, and it’s really interesting.

Comment by Dana

Hey, one of my friends is the lead singer of the Christian rock band Ashes Remain. They are really good and have toured all over the US. Check them out if you’ve never heard of them before and if you need to talk to someone or want to do an interview let me know! I would love to help.


Comment by Keri

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