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Bands announced for Cornerstone Festival 2009
February 25, 2009, 9:15 pm
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Gwen Stacy, Cornerstone Festival 2008

Gwen Stacy, Cornerstone Festival 2008

Here is a link to the list of the bands and artists confirmed so far for this summer’s Cornerstone Festival. According to the website, there are more bands to be announced. Get excited! It looks to be an amazing line-up once again.

Cornerstone Festival 2009

I found the above photograph on the Cornerstone Festival website. I was at this Gwen Stacy show at last year’s festival, and you can see a couple of my friends in the picture.

Here are some of the bands I am excited to see at this year’s festival:


This band puts on a high energy performance every time I see them. Passion for music and their faith rips through each song exciting the crowd. Also, they plan to release their new album at the festival.

Bradley Hathaway

Last year’s festival was the first time I listened to his actual music. I had heard his poetry before, and wasn’t particularly planning on going to see his show. I happened upon his show by mistake, and fell in love with the raw emotion pouring out of each song. Also, the banjos were a nice change from the week of hardcore breakdowns and circle pits. I mean don’t get me wrong, I live for a good breakdown.

The Devil Wears Prada

I was disappointed that this band didn’t play last year, but I did get to see them a couple months ago at Rams Head Live in Baltimore. This metalcore band is exciting live, and I can’t wait to see them under the big tent. Also,they have a new album coming out, and I can’t wait to hear how they are going to top Plagues, their latest album.

For Today

I got to see them last year at the festival, and I have to say these guys are just as good speaking about their faith as they are playing metal riffs. The way they take a stand about their beliefs, they truly are the epitome of a Christian hardcore band. Also, they have a new album coming out.

Gwen Stacy

I think I saw them play about three times last year at the festival. This is a band that lights the crowd on fire. Everyone is moving, whether in the pit or trying to flee from the pit, people are moving.

War of Ages

I have seen this hardcore/metal band numerous of times, and each time they deliver a solid performance that gets the crowd pumped.


I was also disappointed that this band didn’t play last year. I got to see them at Rams Head Live with The Devil Wears Prada, and it was probably one of the best live performances I’ve seen.


This has been one of my favorite bands for a while. Last year at Cornerstone was the first time I got see them, and it was well worth the wait. Unique in their own style, Mewithoutyou had people dancing and singing along to their indie folk rock, sometimes hippie-like, songs. You can easily connect with each song because the musicians in this band are so passionate and truly appear to be loving what they are doing.


This is a band who always takes you on a wild, energetic ride with what they call “raw rock.” Last year while they performed, televisions were set up on the stage playing videos that went along with their music. It helped depict the message they were trying to convey with their music, and I am excited to see what they might do this year.


While this band has not been one of my favorites over the years, I have really enjoyed their latest EP While Broken Hearts Prevail, and I look forward to seeing them for the first time.


New video from Ivoryline
February 24, 2009, 2:37 am
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Ivoryline released a music video for “Days End,” a track off their latest album There Came a Lion released in 2008 on Tooth and Nail Records. The music video was released on February 17. Check out the video below.

I found this quote that I thought was awesome from an interview with Ivoryline from Enoch Magazine’s website. This is what Ivoryline had to say about their growth in Christ through their music.

“I have come to realize that really the only thing that matters is your relationship with Jesus, and everything else that you do or don’t do will flow naturally out of that relationship. We are called to be rooted and grounded in love, and when we’re rooted in Christ’s love, the good works that you do will spring from God’s unending source.”

Arise and Conquer Tour

Arise and Conquer Tour featuring War of Ages, Destroy the Runner, Inhale Exhale, Hands and Hope for the Dying may be coming to a venue near you between now and April 2. They are coming to my area this Sunday, March 1, to The Macc in Crofton, and I plan to check it out and hopefully talk to some of the bands.

I’m excited to ask War of Ages what’s next for one of Facedown Records most popular bands.

I hope to talk to Hands about the new album they are working on that is supposed to be released this summer on Facedown Records.

I also hope to talk to Destroy the Runner about the changes in music style from their debut album Saints in 2006, compared to their latest album I, Lucifer released in 2008, and their growth as musicians.

Check back next week for pictures from the show and interviews with the bands.

Once Nothing final show announced
February 20, 2009, 3:07 am
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Once Nothing has announced their final show today. “Blue collar metal” will say goodbye on April 5 at the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh.

The band will reunite with their original line-up for this final show, according to their Myspace.

Once Nothing Myspace

Bradley Hathaway, A MOUTH FULL OF DUST
February 17, 2009, 1:56 am
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A Mouth Full of Dust, album cover

A Mouth Full of Dust, album cover

With the release of A Mouth Full of Dust, Bradley Hathaway continues his evolution from primarily spoken word poetry to poetry infused with folk rock, and fans will not be disappointed. With each listen I grow more and more intrigued with the lyrics, the various instruments and the pure raw emotions spilling out of each track.

A Mouth Full of Dust journeys through the struggles of life, love and spirituality. Hathaway packs each track with meaning that tugs at the heartstrings, daring you to dig deeper into the lyrics and reflect on your own life’s struggles. Hathaway is a storyteller, and with each track you become more entangled in a story bigger than the music.

The album begins with “Covered in the Blood,”a track raw with emotion about loss and forgiveness. The track, with its slow but powerful build-up, sets the framework for the unexpected ride of the rest of the album.

The track “Lord have mercy,” which is placed between two slower acoustic tracks, catches the listener off guard with its fast folk rock beat and a great sing-along chorus that starts out with,”Lord have mercy on me a sinner, the biggest sinner of them all.”

The album winds down with the last track “Don’t Wanna Miss,” an acoustic song depicting Jesus’ life and death, and a life of following Jesus. It is probably one of the most thought provoking tracks on the album that could possibly make you analyze your own faith.

A Mouth Full of Dust was released in January on iTunes, and the album with a 40-page booklet with photographs will be available via mail order in March.

Past albums include The Thing That Poets Write About, The Thing That Singers Sing About released in 2007, and All The Hits So Far But Don’t Expect Much, a primarily spoken word poetry album, released in 2004.

A Mouth Full of Dust became an instant favorite for me. I encourage everyone to check it out, and let me know what you think.

Mewithoutyou, new album to be released
February 16, 2009, 5:27 am
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Mewithoutyou has announced on their Myspace that their new album should be released soon. Mewithoutyou, which is on Tooth and Nail Records, released their latest album, “Brother, Sister,” in 2006.

I hope to hear back from someone in the band about their hopes with this next album and the possible release date. Check back soon!

Mewithoutyou Myspace

February 11, 2009, 9:29 pm
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I got to speak with Advent bass player Johnny Smrdel last night after the band’s high-energy set at the Macc in Crofton, Md.

The hardcore band from Kernersville, N.C., plans to go into the studio on April 20 to record their next album. Advent hopes to release their new album the first week of July, just in time for Cornerstone Festival 2009 said Smrdel. They plan to play at the festival.

“We want people to get hope and joy out of our music. We love for people to feel what we feel, something real. We want people to see us as something more than just another hardcore band,” said Smrdel. Advent’s members are passionate about their faith, and they try to convey that passion through their music.

Here are a couple of pictures I took of Advent.

For shows in the Baltimore and Annapolis area, visit Kobra Klutch.